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Reforms Overview

On May 6, 2013, Governor Mary Fallin signed into law SB1062 bringing sweeping reforms to a workers’ compensation system that many considered to be one of the worst in the country.  The reforms include strong protections for workers, choices for employers and a shift away from the adversarial, lawsuit-driven system that fueled friction and pitted employees against employers.

SB1062 replaced Title 85 of Oklahoma state law by establishing an administrative workers’ compensation system and on option for employers to provide benefits outside of the state system. The legislation created Title 85A that outlines the three key areas of the state’s new workers’ compensation system. Those areas include:

  • The Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act found in sections 1-106 (the “Administrative Act”);
  • The Oklahoma Employee Injury Benefit Act found in sections 107-120 (the “Option”); and
  • The Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Act found in sections 121-148 (the “Arbitration Act”).
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